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1. Smallest Dog in the world
smallest dog 6 Smallest Animals in the World (Non insect)Ducky
The tiny dog is named Ducky, He lives in Massachusetts, USA, and his size is only 4, 9 inch tall (12, 4 cm). The Dog is listed on Guinness Book as the world’s smallest dog and was repositioning the former smallest dog (Yorkshire terrier).
2. Smallest Snake in the world
smallest snakes 6 Smallest Animals in the World (Non insect)Leptotyphlops Carlae
The binomial name of the snake is Leptotyphlops Carlae and it can be found in Caribbean Island, Blair Hedges. When the snake stretches the length is only 4 inches.
3. Smallest Fish in the world
smallest fish 6 Smallest Animals in the World (Non insect)Paedocypris Progenetica
This world’s smallest fish was found in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, on January 2006. The fish is family of gourami or Paedocypris Progenetica. The length of the fish is mere 7, 9 mm or 0, 3 inch
4. Smallest Cat in the world
smallest cat 6 Smallest Animals in the World (Non insect)
This smallest cat in the world entered Guinness World record in 2004.It was found in Illinois and the weight was only 3 pounds. The name of the cat is PERKIN, Ill and he resides in central Illinois
5. Smallest Hamster in the World
smallest hamster 6 Smallest Animals in the World (Non insect)Peewee
The tiny and helpless hamster is named Peewee. The size is little larger than 50 cent coin and the weight is less than 1 ounce. 3 weeks after the hamster was born, it stopped growing.
6. Smallest chameleon in the World
smallest cammelion 6 Smallest Animals in the World (Non insect)Brookesia Minima
Brookesia Minima is the species of world’s smallest chameleon ever. The average length is around 0.50 inch and the habitat can be found in the north Madagascar west coast.

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